Odessa sparkling wine Company’s story
had started on the March 08th, 1896

the Emperor Nicholas II signed a Decree on “Winemaking society Henri Roederer in Odessa” creation.

. The grand opening of the winery and the first batch of «Henri Roederer» Champagne was released on October 01st, 1899.

In order to achieve his goal – the production of sparkling wine in Odessa that could compete the one, originally produced in Champagne region (France) – the French winemaker and philanthropist Henri Roederer started the construction of the factory in 1897. The ground breaking ceremony for the factory main building took place on the May 03rd, 1898.

The building was modelled on a foreign manner: tremendous, fully equipped for sparkling wine production, boasting spacious two-storey cellars.

The authorship of the project belongs to the French architect from Reims – Charles Boysh, while the execution works were carried out by Vey and Schenker architects.

The construction was conducted intensively.
The production complex included the enormous well-ventilated cellars specially designed for the long-term exposure of 2 million bottles, the main administrative building and private power plant.

The real adornment of the landscape became the Arch framing the entrance.

The factory had received its first international award – The World Exhibition Medal – in 1904.
Ever since the image of the medal was decorating “Henri Roederer” bottle’s collerette, affirming the high quality of the noble drink.
With the onset of war in 1914, the anti-alcohol measures were implemented by the government of the country.
Still release of “Henri Roederer” sparkling wine lasted till 1917 and only the consequences of Revolution led to the suspension of production.

The period from 1920 till 1941 was marked for the factory by numerous reprofilings – starting from using the factory premises for pasta production and up to hosting the Institute of Crops in the administrative building.

During the first months of War the winery deployed the military units, including the division of Odessa Military District as well as the repair facilities of the 69th air regiment, that later took part in the heroic defense of Odessa. So the winery had for a while experienced the fate of the classified object.

The revival of production accounts for 1948.

And on the 8th of March, 1952 was released the first bottle of the semi-sweet sparkling wine, produced Charmat Method.

During the period from 1952 till 1991 the winey had produced more than 500 mln. bottles of sparkling wines, which had received numerous awards of National and International competitions.

In 1994 Odessa Sparkling Wine Company had created its flagship sparkling wine “Odessa”, which became the very first brand of the sparkling wines in Ukraine.

In 2006 the Quality Control Management system was implemented at the Odessa Sparkling Wine Company, based on the International Standard ISO 9001-2000
. All products produced by the factory meet the high quality standards of the EU.
Standard ISO 9001-2000, aiming at the improvement of the quality sparkling wines produced at the winery and maximum satisfaction of the customers.
In 2015 the brand “Odessa” had been transformed and relaunched.

The bold blend of expressive collerette’s pattern and discreet sophisticated label design, inspired by Art Nouveau architecture, amazes and captivates as does the city of Odessa.

Today, as 120 years ago, Odessa Sparkling Wine Company is located in the same historic building, just as it was originally conceived and built.
Combining the wealth of historical heritage, modern equipment, intellectual capital of the young team of professionals and unique wine terroir, Odessa Sparkling Wine Company rightfully holds a worthy place in the family of the prestigious European winemakers.